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« Coopetition for innovation - the more, the better? An empirical study based on preference disaggregation analysis »
Bagherzadeh M., Ghaderi M., Fernandez A-S., (2021)
European Journal of Operational Research
Keywords : Multilple criteria analysis, Preference disaggregation analysis, Coopetition for innovation, Non-linearity, Non-monotonicity

« Why do MNEs both make and coopete for innovation? »
Fernandez A-S., Chiambaretto P., Chauvet M., Engsig J., (2021)
Technovation, Vol. 106
Keywords : Coopetition, Make and coopete, MNEs, Innovation, Benefits and risks, Time horizon

« Small and large firms’ trade-off between benefits and risks when choosing a coopetitor for innovation »
Chiambaretto P., Bengtsson M., Fernandez A-S., Näsholm M. (2020)
Long Range Planning, vol. 53, n°1, pp
Keywords : Coopetition, Innovation, Benefits and risks, Conjoint analysis, Small and large firms, Trade-off

« Coopetition Strategies: Critical Issues and Research Directions »
Czakon W., Srivastava M., Le Roy F., Gnyawali D., (2020)
Long Range Planning, Vol. 23, n°1, p. 119992.
Keywords : Coopetition, Radical innovation, Self-driving cars, Electric cars, Experiment

« Implementing the right project structure to achieve coopetitive innovation projects »
Fernandez A-S., Le Roy F., Chiambaretto P. (2018)
Long Range Planning, vol. 51, n°2, p. 384 – 405
Keywords : Coopetition, Risk of opportunism, Economic and technological risks, Coopetitive project team, Separated project team, Case study,
Space industry

« Choosing the best partner for product innovation: Talking to the enemy or to a friend? »
Le Roy F., Robert M., Lasch F. (2016)
International Studies of Management Organisation, vol. 46, n°2-3, p. 136-158
Keywords : Cooperation, Coopetition, Incremental innovation, Radical innovation

« Exploring the link between technical and management innovation: the moderating effects of firm size and type of innovation »
Le Roy F., Robert M., Giuliani P. (2015)
International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Vol. 25, n°2, p. 171-191
Keywords : Management innovation, Product innovation, Process innovation, Technical innovation, Small firms, Medium-sized firms, Large firms,
Innovations types, France, Firm size, SMEs, Small businesses.

« Balancing exploration and exploitation tension in coopetition for innovation performance: the case of European space innovation programs »
Fernandez A.S, Ji F.X., Yami S. (2014)
International Journal of Business Environment, vol. 6, n°1, p. 69-91
Keywords : Coopetition, Exploration and exploitation tension, Innovation performanceEuropean space, Innovation programmes

« Stratégie individuelle, stratégie de coopération verticale ou stratégie de coopétition : Quelle est la meilleure stratégie pour l’innovation produit ? »
Hamouti R., Robert F. et Le Roy F. (2014)
Revue Innovation, n°43, p. 135-161
Keywords : Stratégie singulière, Coopération verticale, Coopétition, Innovation produit, Jeux vidéo

« Coopérer avec ses amis ou  avec ses ennemis : quelle stratégie pour l’innovation produit »
Le Roy F., Robert M., Lasch F. (2013)
Revue Française de Gestion, Vol. 39, n°232, p. 81-100

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