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Open Innovation


« Barriers in Shearching for Alternative Business Models: An Essay on the Fear of Looking Foolish »

Bez, SM., Chesbrough H., (2021)

Business Models and Cognition, New Horizons in Managerial and Organizational Cognition, Volume 4, 181-196

Keywords : Business model, Business model innovation, Open Innovation, Behavioral constraints, Fear of Looking Foolish, Inside-out technology


« Open Innovation's "Multiunit Back-End Problem" : How Corporations Can Overcome Business Unit Rivarly »

Seran, T., Bez, SM. (2020)

California Management Review, 1-23

Keywords : Startups, Open Innovation, Competitive advantage, Front-end, Coopetition


« Managing Knowledge Sharing-Protecting Tensions in Coupled Innovation Projects among Several Competitors »

Rouyre, A., Fernandez A-S., (2019)

California Management Review, 62(1), 95-120

Keywords : Open innovation, Coopetition, Management, Projetc management, Third-pary intervention

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